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You can check my availability further down the page.

Limited capacities

Currently, I only accept contracts up to 15 hours per month.

I work later in the afternoon and sometimes on the weekend.

I work full-time at Kentico as a UX designer for DXP (Digital Experience Platform). At the same time, I am studying Service Design at Masaryk University remotely. I devote the remaining time, as part of my diploma thesis, to a project for the Zachraň jídlo initiative in cooperation with the Česko.Digital community.


Přijímám nové zakázky

and billing information

Marek Malík
Železné 53, Tišnov 666 01

Reg no: 04080009, I am not VAT registered subject.
I am registered in the trade register at the Municipal Office in Tišnov.

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